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 Milo Thatch

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Milo Thatch

Milo Thatch

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PostSubject: Milo Thatch   Tue Feb 17, 2015 1:11 pm

Full Name: Milo Thatch

Alias(es): Milo

Age: 22 years old

Powers: Psychometry and tangibility to an extent. (To extent means that he can’t phase through metal)

(WIP) Personality: Milo's an intelligent mild-mannered male who used to keep his feelings bottled up when others piss him off or burden him. But now he’s well mannered still but speaks him mind quite a lot now due to his mutations. Milo doesn’t think much of his job, not quite dedicated to it really. Unless it proves to be useful for him. He's quite logical, thinking ahead before acting which causes him to butt heads with others. Pretty much a smart-ass when it comes to people that he dislikes or others that can get under his skin sometimes. Witty, Considerate, Humorous, Observant, Persuasive, and Blunt. He’s known to have a good relationship with Jim, but it’s started to get rocky when Milo had found out about Jim’s parents secret through his power one day. Milo is very unsure to tell Jim of this and this has caused a few arguments and tension between the cousins. They just act like total smart asses towards each other in an un-playful way, but haven’t gone full blown argument with yelling.

History: Milo is thought of as a prodigy among his family, the perfect child as well. His grades were above average and he didn’t get into trouble. He was under watchful eyes after all. It’s what kept his parents happy after all. Despite being the prodigy, Milo did have a few problems with keeping his perfect student act up to par. But that had been getting hard with Milo getting teased and pushed around at school. Unknown to his parents but known to Jim, Milo has a tendency to be a sarcastic smart ass. But he knew if his perfect student cover was blown away from a simple burst of anger, then that would cause problems at home. So he tended to keep quiet or use his witty talking to get him out of trouble.

But this soon came to an end after the mutation incident. He gained the powers of Psychometry and tangibility and used them to his liking. At first, he was a bit annoyed with the mutations until it became useful with the bully at school. He resorted to blackmailing to keep his perfect student cover up and to finally show a bit of his true colors. When other students didn’t seem to care about the blackmailing, Milo would just use his powers of tangibility to slip away from the person. Both powers were very useful in his situations. Though one day, one of the students had finally let it slip about how Milo knew this and that about the person by just touching them and his power to slip and a military officer heard it. He wasn’t punished for using his powers, but was actually requested to work for them, a favor here and there. Milo doesn’t think much of the military, but accepted the job after graduating and moved out into an apartment from his overbearing parents. He’s partially the reason that Jim hasn’t ended up in the hands of the military yet.

So far, Milo keeps to himself quite a bit, but does go out a few rare times. He has to be careful with what he touches because too much information and memories either gives him a headache or gets him in a drunken state. So he usually wears a pair of grey gloves to help him most of the time with this issue. Also, Milo knows of his cousin getting into trouble quite a lot and tends to try to persuade his cousin to stop it, because Milo knows that he can’t protect his cousin forever from the military. 
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Milo Thatch
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