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 Jim Hawkins

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Jim Hawkins

Jim Hawkins

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PostSubject: Jim Hawkins   Tue Feb 17, 2015 1:36 pm

Full Name: Jim Hawkins

Alias(es): Jim, Jimbo.

Age: 18 years old

Powers: Electro kinesis

(WIP) Personality: Jim is a devious trouble maker with an attitude problem basically. He loves to joke around at times, but when you notice his mood starting to sour. Then the person better stop or they’ll get quite a shock, literally. He’s also mischievous and rebellious, these traits getting him in trouble with the military and just on a regular basis with his tendency to cause havoc. He’s not a prodigy like his cousin, but has enough common sense and wit to help him survive on his own. He’s got a mood towards his cousin sometimes due to him knowing that Milo is hiding something about his parents from him.  The other time, they act like regular siblings who tease and talk to each other. Though Jim does know that Milo doesn’t like that Jim gets exhilarated for trouble. Also! He has a policy. If he’s not having fun then nobody else was. Jim will pretty much make sure that the other person is miserable like him. Unless they lift his spirits up, like Loki does somehow.

History: Jim had never seen his parents ever since they had dropped him off with his cousin, Milo Thatch’s family one day and never came back for him. He had been one year’s old back then before the mutation incident. He was quite the opposite of his cousin when it came to their personalities and their ways of life. Milo Thatch was the prodigy and that caused his uncle and aunt to constantly pressure him to be like his older cousin. This didn’t cause much tension between him and his cousin though. Neither of them had tried to interfere with each other’s life.

 Unlike Milo, Jim had always snuck out of the house, slipped into clubs, and got into trouble quite a lot. He didn’t bother listening to neither his caretakers nor the police much really. All that mattered was that it felt good when he had his way of fun and didn’t have any pressure on his shoulders. Though his fun was not being appreciated that much by the Thatch family. When Milo moved out into an apartment, his parents tried their best to reform Jim into another prodigy. Yet that plan never did sail too far when the incident happened. Jim had gained powers of electricity while his aunt and uncle had remained normal and extremely terrified of their nephew’s mutation.

Of course, Jim took advantage of his powers to keep his caretakers off his back and to have a whole new fun. By fun, this meant that his fun was going beyond the law. His mistake was made one day when the police finally caught the boy using his powers to interfere with the security alarms at a store. He was let off with some slack by the police, but was ultimately kicked out of the house onto the streets. Thankfully his cousin, Milo, had invited him to crash at his place until the young Hawkins got onto his feet somehow. But Jim has started to get involved in more trouble with a man named Clopin by helping him give some spark to the man’s illusions. This is also when he befriended Loki as well. His life right now is a bit jumbled, Jim’s either on the run from the police ‘military’, getting into trouble, hanging with Loki, hitting the clubs and bars, or crashing at Milo’s place.
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Jim Hawkins
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