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 Jasmine Salvatore

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Jasmine Salvatore

Jasmine Salvatore

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PostSubject: Jasmine Salvatore   Fri Feb 20, 2015 7:51 pm

Long lost words whisper slowly to me
Still can't find what keeps me here
When all this time I've been so hollow inside
I know you're still there

Watching me, wanting me
I can feel you pull me down
Fearing you, loving you
I won't let you pull me down

Full Name: Jasmine Salvatore
Alias/s:  Wild Rose
Age: 21
Powers: Is a Succubus of sorts Wink
Personality: Jasmine can be sarcastic and witty, when she is entertaining a costumer however she can be very seductive.  Jasmine knows what men and women like and has no qualms about who her customer is so long as she is able to feed on their sexual energy. 
History: Jasmine grew up as an orphan, she had to learn how to survive on the streets at an early age.  As she grew up, she met Jason Todd and the two quickly became friends, he helped to teach her how to survive and fend for herself.  Some of things she learned were how to be a good pickpocket and thief which was how she was able to survive.  It wasn't until she was seventeen that she started having a sexual appetite, the longer she put it off the weaker she became.  As a result of this, Jasmine became a prostitute to not only earn a living but to survive.

  Written sample: The man who was her client for the evening groaned out her name eagerly.  Usually Jasmine would be in ecstasy herself as she fed on sexual energy but that night she had already her fill of sex.  This was her final client however and Jasmine was just waiting for him to finish.  She could at least give a good show for her clients and when he had finished, she made sure to at least sound like she had enjoyed herself.  That was part of her job...when she wasn't feeding on someone she did a whole lot of acting.  She watched as her client slowly got up and changed back into his clothes before giving her the money she had earned which was quite a bit.  After he had left, she slipped into her regular street clothes she was finished for the night and she was going to relax.  Her thoughts drifted to Jason, he had always helped her out when she was a kid and even though she hadn't said a word she had had a crush on him.  It had just about broken her heart when she had heard that he had died...she hadn't even gotten the chance to tell him what she had felt.  She sighed and brushed out her hair before tying it into a long braid that hung down her back, maybe she could visit his grave before she headed home?  It wasn't much, just a stone slab with his name on it but it was something at least.  She finished changing and went out the back entrance before she headed for the local graveyard, it didn't take long and along the way she managed to buy some flowers.  Once at his grave, she rested the flowers down and rested on her knees, "I never really did get to thank you for...helping me to survive." She said quietly as she stared down at his grave.  She felt her throat catch and she took a shaky breath, "So thank you for everything Jason." She said as she moved one hand to lightly trace his name on the stone before she stood up.  She stood there for a long time before she turned and left, leaving the flowers and headstone behind.
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Jasmine Salvatore
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