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 Empty Halls [Open]

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Lena Thumbe

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PostSubject: Re: Empty Halls [Open]   Thu Mar 05, 2015 9:33 pm

Nana's hand twitched at her side, and then shout out at lightning speed, grabbing the brunette girl by the collar. "What's the matter?" She hissed viciously, pulling the girl down to her own height. "Run out of nonsense to blather on about?" Releasing her roughly, Nana began to turn away, but stopped as the boy built like a brick house spoke again. With his arms crossed over his chest, he seemed like he'd break your hand if you punched him. It was almost tempting to try.  She furrowed her brow at his comment. "Who the fuck is Lena?" She scoffed, these idiots blatantly had her confused for someone else. When the silent party of her entourage piped up, she raised a single eyebrow. "In your dreams, dickweed." She declared, completely done with the complete idiocy of the exchange.
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Kayley Smith


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PostSubject: Re: Empty Halls [Open]   Fri Mar 06, 2015 1:09 am

"I'm not blind, I saw what happened," Kayley said, starting to get pissed off.  "She broke a guy's wrist, big deal.  She could have done worse."  Lena could have ended up killing the guy, like the bozos that had killed Kayley's parents.  Death was the worst thing that could happen, in Kayley's mind.  Anything else could be dealt with, if given enough time.  Loki just gave Kayley a smile, and she wasn't sure if that meant he felt that everything was fine, or if he had something up his sleeve.  She sighed when he pretty much asked Lena out.  "Loki, I don't know if that's-agh!"  She was cut off when Lena suddenly grabbed her by the collar of her shirt.  She was released soon enough, but Kayley was getting mad.  What the hell had she done that was so bad?  It wasn't like she had called Lena a monster for what she did.  She had just been trying to say something positive.  Why was she, and the other boy, thinking she was crazy for doing that?  And why didn't Lena recognize her name?  That was the only thing worrying Kayley at this point, but she was too mad to really care about that right now.  She felt a breeze starting to blow by, despite no doors being open at the moment.  Her powers were picking up on her emotions already.  "What's the matter with you, got a party going on inside there?" she asked, pointing at Lena's head.  It was a mean thing to say, but Kayley didn't care.  In her mind, she had tried being nice and positive, and here everyone was, ganging up on her.  Well, everyone except Loki, but he wasn't exactly making the situation any better.
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Empty Halls [Open]
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