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 Connor Kent

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Connor Kent


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PostSubject: Connor Kent   Sat Feb 21, 2015 4:48 pm

Full Name: Connor Kent

Alias: N/A

Age: 18

Powers: Super Strength and durability, occasional Flight (he's still figuring it out)

Personality: Connor is socially awkward with a bit of anger management issues. He's spent a long time being told he was stupid, even after learning it's not really true, so he has a hard time talking with people. And he gets mad pretty easily from being called an idiot, among other things. He's gotten better and not loosing it towards people, but things tend to get damaged before too long. He doesn't mean to break things most of the time, he just can't help it when he gets angry like that. 

He has Dyscalculia, which is the biggest source of his problems. It's a neurological disorder he was born with that makes it difficult for him to do or learn basic mathematical calculations or remember number facts. It makes life a bit more difficult for him while people treat him like a moron because they don't realize or really understand his condition. He feels embarrassed to even have it so it's not something he likes to talk about. 

He's also a bit clumsy, more so with his new found super strength, which also makes him embarrassed and at times frustrated. When he's not paying attention, he can accidentally break something. And when he surprised or nervous he occasionally trips over his own feet.

But aside form all that, he's a good kid who's just trying to deal with what he's been dealt with in life. He'd be the first on the scene to stand up to some bully picking on the weaker kids, he'll help someone if asked, and he's a creative imaginative guy. What he lacks in the logical sense of thinking from maths, he makes up for with a creative mind that shows itself through art and sometimes writing.

History: Connor lived in Tawton City his whole life, with two parents and a grandpa. And sadly, life wasn't all that easy. His folks loved him sure, and they did well enough for themselves to support their child. But as he started school it became clear that he just wasn't getting math. Age ten and he still had trouble realizing that five plus three was eight without counting on his fingers. He mixed up his left and right a lot, didn't have a great grasp on time. Teachers thought he was stupid, and kids as well. He was feeling pretty stupid himself. 

It wasn't until middle school that a teacher, who knew what she was doing, realized what was going on and had him tested for Dyscalculia. It was just his luck that he was among the 5% population in the world to have this strange disorder. But thanks to that test, his parents were able to get tools to help him. Work books specialized to teach him, items to use to help, even games so he wouldn't be completely board of it all. He was still far behind, and he still struggled, but it was a relief to his parents to have a name on what was going on and having some way to help. 

When the incident happened, Connor came to a shocking discovery that he was a whole lot stronger. So much so that he kept breaking things. It had freaked him, but not nearly as much as it did when he suddenly started to fly. He almost thought he'd never get down when he came crashing through the roof of someone's house. He wasn't the only one in town either it seemed. His parents had their own strange new abilities, his mom able to lift up objects with her mind and his dad could suddenly run really fast.

It took some time for them all to understand what had gone on and even longer to get the hang of their abilities. And word got out pretty quickly of just who was the kid with the super strength breaking everything. Easy to say the military charged with watching the town began to keep a special eye on the kid who could hurt everyone around him when he gone to school.

He's gotten the strength down for the most part now, only having an accident when he looses his cool or is nervous, but he's still trying to figure out the flying bit. Occasionally he can get himself up in the air, usually with a bit of jumping help, but landing is still tricky and sometimes he just can't fly. 

He's also trying to finish high school without loosing his cool from people don't seem to understand his condition too well. At least he has art class to help him de-stress. It's the one place he doesn't feel like a total idiot. Second favorite is literature, but even that class has an occasional issue.

(warning the following video may be blocked in your country. If so, sorry)
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Connor Kent
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