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 Jason Todd

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Jason Todd


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PostSubject: Jason Todd   Sun Feb 22, 2015 10:40 pm

Full Name:  Jason Peter Todd
Alias/s: Red Hood ║Phantom
Age: 24 (stuck at this age since 5 years back now)
Powers: Enhanced regeneration/healing factor & foreign chemical/disease resistance. Shoot him in the head, drown him, burn or bury him alive, anything you can think of, Jason won’t stay dead. He’ll crawl back from his grave no matter how many times you’d manage to kill him. In other words, he won’t stay dead. 
Personality: Aggressive, street-smart, fearless, manipulative and with a crude, dark sense of humor, one can never be too sure about Jason’s personality. He can be a calm, cool-headed and observant kind of guy, when he at the same time has a bad, uncontrolled temper that could go off when least expected and never shows mercy in anything. He’s the type that gets the job done, with any means necessary and is not afraid to get his hands dirty. Jason is mostly cold and selfish, and would even treat the ones he cares about unfairly more than often. As much as he loves to play and fool around, he’s still a professional at what he does, and takes his job seriously and with responsibility. Another fact that is well known about Jason, aside from turning into a blood crazy maniac when pushed enough, would be his ‘unhealthy’ love for violence and explosions, and guns. Big guns.  Some dare call him schizophrenic… or just bat-shit insane
History: For what Jason can still remember, he was basically born and raised on the streets. He had learned early on that no one cared about anything else than themselves, and was left to fend for his own at an early age, learning and experiencing all the ugly parts of life before even having learned to read. He had been unwanted by his mother, who had been a prostitute before having died due to illness when Jason had barely reached the age of 13. Even before her death, Jason had no place he called ‘home’, and survived on his own.
By the years growing up, becoming a well know youngster with anger issues and violent tendencies, he quickly made it clear that he wasn’t to be messed with, always running away from the cops and doing everything a good person shouldn’t. He had made contacts in pretty much all kinds of illegal business, taking on jobs of all sorts and build his way up from an errand boy to a both respected but mostly fearsome hitman for the more dangerous gangs around the city. He had more enemies than friends, and even the few people he could consider pals were seldom worth to call trustworthy. And his lifestyle, anyone was likely to stab you in the back. One of the few exceptions to this rule was a younger girl he had someone befriended by the name Jasmine. An orphan who he had taught and helped to survive on her own, much like himself. Probably she was the only person Jason had ever openly admitted to caring for.
In his line of work and life-style, there was never a guarantee for any sort of safety, not even for some as experienced and cold-hearted as Jason. The day came when he ended up outnumbered with no way out of it. Still, he had dived right into the awaiting death’s hands with a fearless rage.
2 years later after his death, the day of the accident taking place, the first thing Jason could remember was gasping desperately for air and clawing barehanded his way out of his very own grave. His memories were fuzzy, and he could only remember small parts of his life before. After a couple of month aimlessly strolling around with no idea or memory what or who he exactly was, he had stumbled upon of the gang members who had been involved in his murder.  Naturally, the man had freaked out and done the first thing that came to mind; shoot Jason in the head. Jason hadn’t even had time to comprehend what was happening, only after a short blackout been pissed off and easily caught up to the guy and breaking his neck. Shortly enough, Jason finally realized he couldn’t die, no matter what others or even he did to himself, he just kept coming back.

And then after another period of time, after another failed attempt at getting killed, Jason had found himself in the Military’s custody the next time he woke up. Shortly after, he began working for them as an ‘under-cover’ agent, keeping an eye Tawton and its citizen, reporting back everything he finds and sees, and taking care of the ones who get to out of control or happen to get in the way of the Military’s ‘work’. Jason knows he’s the prefect tool for them, with his experience and street-wise thinking, along with abilities and fearless persona. The thing is, he can’t remember ever agreeing on working for them, but can’t either refuse a direct order when given it. He isn’t stupid however, he knows that they’ve done something to him, only planning of letting him ‘go’ when he would no longer be useful.
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Jason Todd
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