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 Megara Carter

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Megara Carter


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PostSubject: Megara Carter   Tue Feb 24, 2015 10:39 am

Name: Megara  Carter
Age: 22
Alias: Megara or Meg

Powers: Her skin secretes toxins. On skin to skin contact it might just make the one touching her feel ill or nauseous for a while. If digested could lead to death.

Personality: She used to be very heart in the sleeve kind of girl and more like a spitfire. But ever since the accident she has had to grow up. She still maintains some of her temper, but is more reserved due to her powers lethal affect.
She can feel depressed at times, but still feels the responsibilities of keeping people close to her safe from her powers.

History: Megara was born as the only daughter to a middle class family of four. A mother, a father and an older brother. The family dynamics could be described as overbearing, and Megara would often rebel against their rules.
When she was 16 she ran from home with her high school sweetheart Jonathan. They settled in Tawton and spent a year learning the responsibilities of adult life together before the Machina industries accident.
Her power slowly making her boyfriend ill before they finally killed him.
After his death she became depressed and started to drink. Year later she got help to those problems. And she begun to understand that she has such powers.
She chooses to cover herself up and abstain from any physical contact to protect other people. She still socialises with people, but refrains from touching others.
She doesn't think her powers can be learned to control, so she doesn't think it is even worth the try.
So far she has managed to keep the low profile with her powers, and doesn't want to get caught in any crossfire.
She wears covering clothes and uses gloves to cover her hands all the time not to spread any of her toxins around. Her friends think that she has germ phobia or something.
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Megara Carter
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