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 Palladium Green

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Palladium Green

Palladium Green

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PostSubject: Palladium Green   Fri Feb 27, 2015 7:05 pm

Full Name: Palladium Green

Alias: P. Chestnut(pseudonym)

Age: 23

Dreamwalking; he can use this to bend peoples minds through dreams so they like him better, or simply to observe.
He uses the latter most, dreams being his muse for the stories he writes.

Before the accident, he used to be pretty awkward and didn't have a lot of confidence. 
Now he's more confident, mostly thanks to his success as a writer. 
Keeps to himself if possible, but is friendly when engaged in conversation.
His motto is "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." 

Palladium was born an orphan, and was taken in by an elderly couple from Tawton City.
He never had much to ask for, nor did he desire much. 
He proved to be an extraordinary fast learner, earning him several degrees before turning 18.
However, this didn't make him very popular, so he used to be pretty awkward around others.

Around the time of the accident, his parents died, forcing Palladium to start taking care of himself.
Not knowing how to be around people, he worked odd jobs and ends.
At this time he noticed 'his' dreams starting to get more imaginative. 
He wasn't aware that he was actually in the head of his neighbor's youngest daughter
until after he wrote down the dreams and published them under a pseudonym after a few months.
The young girl was utterly confused how her dreams were written down on paper,
and at this time Palladium realized that he must have been looking at her dreams somehow.
Upon that discovery, he started practicing and using his powers more considerately.

At age 20 he applied for a job as teacher, needing a more steady income besides his books earnings.
Though no one knows him to be the writer, his books made him more confident to engage into socializing.

In his free time he observes the people around him to draw inspiration from, besides his dreams.
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Palladium Green
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