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 Clopin Trouillefou

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Clopin Trouillefou


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PostSubject: Clopin Trouillefou   Fri Feb 27, 2015 8:06 pm

Full Name: Clopin Trouillefou
Alias/s: “The Jester”
Age: 30
Powers: Illusion manipulation, telepath to an extent (Can’t access deep thoughts, he knows that he can’t go further into the person’s mind when he’s sees a lock and chains around that part of the mind.)
Personality: Very crazy and charismatic. He can be wise and extremely mysterious, although he usually acts like a fool. Well more like a psycho in some cases. He's seen as a menace to the Military and anyone who abides by the law, due to his list of troublemaking and crimes on his record. Every time they think that they had finally caught the mad man. It was only a hallucination. He gets them every time, causing them more frustration.. There are times when he's sociable and friendly with others, which is most of the time. But his ways of approaching people are a bit on the wacky and disturbing side. Being eccentric and nosy with new and old people is just a regular thing. His sanity is a bit unleveled by the extent of his hallucinations.
Besides his humorous, psycho side, Clopin has been prone to show himself as a sadist or masochist, depending on the situation. The situation would involve those who have caused him distress or harmed people he considers to be under his wing such as Loki. Also he enjoys causing discord to people’s minds, usually either with his hallucinations or his crazy talk. He has a neat knack for figuring out people and such. If someone was trying to hide something from him, they couldn’t keep it from him. This is also due to Clopin’s telepathic powers. If their thoughts are deep and locked, Clopin can still use his intuition to figure what’s wrong. It’s not particularly hard for him.  And he usually sticks to that intuition and has been proven right most of the time. He’s also sarcastic, over dramatic, witty, and pretty much of a smart ass.
History: Not much is known about Clopin’s life before the Machina accident. But he does have a connection though to Machina. This is one of the reasons to why the military want to get their hands on the mad man. Plus for his crimes and the havoc he caused daily in the town.

Once Clopin figured out his abilities and such, he definitely used them to his advantage immediately. Basically on a daily basis. But he used his powers to an extreme extent on his crime sprees around town, causing havoc while doing so. With the things that he steals, he either keeps or splits it among those who he deems as close to him. Such as Loki and Jim. Besides the two young males, Clopin usually hangs around with a few of his co-workers, who do occasionally help him with his heists, as they do perform downtown with magic tricks and such. Some of his shows can be dark and mysterious while wondrous and magical, depending on the audience. Seeing grins or scared expressions among his audience always pleases him.
He uses his telepathic powers to his advantage as well during his crime sprees around town in his colorful costume and mask. He was dressed to impress, annoy, and scare at the same time. And he doesn’t seem to care when others such as Milo think that he’s a bad influence among people who followed him. He just annoys the younger male to a point, verbally arguing with him at the same time. But he will never let the male touch him. His past was hidden. And would stay hidden as long as Clopin wanted.
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Clopin Trouillefou
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