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 Facilier Howcroft

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Facilier Howcroft

Facilier Howcroft

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PostSubject: Facilier Howcroft   Fri Feb 27, 2015 11:35 pm

Full Name: Facilier Howcroft
Alias/s: "The Dealer."
Age: 32
Powers: The power to Take, Store, and Redistribute powers. Yet cannot give powers to himself. His eyes also turn green when he uses his power.
Personality: Facilier is manipulative, making others do as he pleases through threats, and blackmail. He has a dark humor and is often unimpressed by others, except for the occasional few who idiotically stand up against the mob. He is loyal to only two people, himself and Mistress Tremaine, the mob boss who had taken him from the streets when the mob started. Often, Facilier is cheeky, but it does not go well when his customers try to get out of their payments.
However, his personality mostly changes when his daughter, Lilo is around. He goes from angry and mean to a doting father, wishing the best for Lilo and being very much careful about what she sees. Although he is rough around the edges, he tries extremely hard to do what is best for his little Munchkin.
History: Orphaned as a baby, Facilier was left with two things on the doorstep of the orphanage: A picture and a note. The picture was of who he assumed was his father, and the note was from his mother, explaining that his father was dead and she was forced to leave him. When Facilier was around 20, he found some work selling drugs, but that was short lived due to the fact that the drug suppliers seemed to avoid him like the plague. 
He frequently came across a woman though, and she was in fact Mistress Tremaine. As the years went by, he and Mistress Tremaine kept coming across each other on the streets, but never actually talked. Until the year of the accident, Facilier's occupation changed often, jumping from job to job in order to survive. 
He came across many women in his time, never having a serious relationship and successfully avoiding any 'accidents' when it came to his life in the bedroom. However, this didn't last and one slip up caussed the girl he had been seeing to become pregnant. This girl didn't want the baby and was considering abortion, but her mind was changed by Facilier who had wanted to keep it, whither the mother stayed or not. It was his sense of longing for a family that made him want to keep the child, and in turn for those 9 months he attempted to keep the girl and his baby cared for. The day of the accident, was coincidentally the day that his baby daughter, Lilo, was born, and the mother made it quite clear she was leaving no matter what. Facilier thought that maybe because Lilo was born on the day of the accident, not necessarily before or after, she may not have earned powers. He was proven wrong.
After the accident happened, Facilier simply took his daughter to his home and tried to be a father. Mistress Tremaine located his rundown home, and offered him work with her company, and the mob, arrangements for his daughter taken in to consideration.
Since then, he's been working hard for her in the mob, using his power as a tool to gain funds for the mob and himself, and to return the favor of taking care of Lilo via a nanny when he couldn't. After all, who wouldn't want to gain specific powers, or maybe even get rid of their own? This comes with a price, of course.

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Facilier Howcroft
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