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 Garrett Hunter

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Garrett Hunter


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PostSubject: Garrett Hunter   Mon Mar 02, 2015 10:09 pm

Full Name: Birger Haugen
Alias/s: Garrett Hunter
Age: 23
Powers: Plant & animal empathy/communication – Can speak with and senses/understand their emotions and vice versa.
Nature Sense – Can sense the overall well-being and conditions of his immediate environment and natural setting stemming from a psychic sensitivity to nature, including all biomes.
Advanced Senses
Personality: A well-educated, mysterious, observant and an aloof type of guy who one could never be too sure of what exactly goes through his mind. He's a little odd, and if not even rude most would say the first time they meet him. He’s a non-nonsense type most of the time (unless he's in one of his more playfull moods), who gets straight to the point and unafraid to throw shit back at anyone, whoever they may be. He can get annoyed and slightly irritated, but seeing him truly mad and angry is a rare thing. So mostly he’s a relaxed and collected young man with a bit off an attitude and most of the time with some smart ass comment to add. Though usually he’s not exactly a talkative person and would happily just blend in with the background, giving others a scare or surprise now and then gives him a good laugh. Overall he’s a friendly guy (in his own odd way) who doesn’t bothers or concerns himself with other people’s life or problems, unless they would give him a good enough reason too. He’s quick-witted, open minded, mischievous and with his own kind of humor with a bit of malice in him.
History: The oldest son of two successful and infamous scientists, Birger grew up with a lot of expectations from both his family and the people around him. He was the example of a good student, always with the highest grades in school and doing what was expected of him without any complaints. Not that his parents ever mentioned it, but Birger didn’t need for them to tell him to know they wanted him to follow in their footsteps, especially his father. Birger never really showed any signs of disobeying his wishes, even when he seemed more interested in spending his free time outside, far away from the facility and his parents work. While many saw him as the perfect and responsible child, it would always come as a shock when he turned out to be behind some prank or had happened to mess something up. However, since it so rarely ever happened and he always took responsibility of his own actions, he was easily forgiven. Maybe they just didn’t like to image the ‘prodigy' to be anything less than perfect. Birger was allowed and invited in to work in his parents facility at an early age, and was insisted by most to not only assist the other scientist, but start working on his projects as well. He did, but not with the biggest of enthusiasm. Most of his experiments involved plants or nature in general, and with that managed to find his own passion and new interest in the work that was pretty much forced on him.

His three year younger brother, Henrik, never had to deal with the same pressure as him, but was still allowed in and out of Machina Industries facility. Unlike his older brother, he was allowed more freedom to choose, or maybe he was just paid less attention too. Nevertheless, the brothers were close, even with their big differences. But the one thing that kept them close was their third and youngest brother, Lukas.  Both knew he was nothing more than an ‘experiment’ as the other scientists put it, and their parents never referred to the boy as their brother either. But the two brothers could still see the love their parents held for the boy, especially their mother.  
The two of them at times help Lukas to break out of the place, showed him what the outside world was like and did things any normal kids do. Sadly, the fun always had to end, and if it wasn’t the scientist finding them it was always Birger bringing Lukas back to his ‘home’, always with a growing heavy heart. After the incident of Lukas suddenly getting fatally ill, everything else in Birger’s life had started to go downhill. He had, along with his parents witnessed the mysterious and frighteningly reason to Lukas sudden recovery, and shortly after watched his mother slowly falling ill in a similar way, much like his youngest brother had. And his father had begun to grow more impatient with everything, losing his temper over nothing and reacting violently when something didn’t go the way he wanted or expected. It was like watching them slowly being drained out of their very life. Then one night, after having caught Henrik trying to sneak Lukas outside again, Birger had stopped them and about to force them back to the boy’s room, when their father out of nowhere appeared. Birger couldn’t exactly remember what happened, except for seeing his father’s enraged expression and forcing his younger brothers back inside. And then… darkness. 
His light, green eyes turned shaded and unfocused, his now poor and fading vision only allowing him to see either dark, blurred out shapes moving around or sometimes nothing at all. The time the accidents broke out, he had become completely blind. What concerned him though wasn’t his vision, but the whereabouts of his brothers who had disappeard among the chaos.
For five years no one saw or knew what happened to the young and bright Birger Haugen, as no trace was left after him. No clue on whether he was alive or not, along with the rest of his family. Then ‘Garrett’ arrived to Tawton City, seemingly out of nowhere and with a falcon occasingly on his shoulder, and the current groundskeeper of Cinders National Park.
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Garrett Hunter
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