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 BAYMAX Your Healthcare Companion

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PostSubject: BAYMAX Your Healthcare Companion   Tue Mar 03, 2015 3:15 pm

Full Name: Bionic Android Youth Medical Administer X Nursing Unit Prototype


Powers: As a robot, BAYMAX is able to lift up to 1,000 tons with a chip programmed into him with the knowledge of over 10,000 medical procedures and diagnosis. Along with plenty of room to download or upload any new information for medical records or to adapt to his surroundings. His eyes are camera lenses recording all around him with built in scanners to process objects view or to observe a living organism's biological and neurological signals. His body contains many first aid kit items for treatment, such as a variety of anti-bio-tic creams and sprays, organic bug spray, bandages, liquid stitches, and more. His hands contain defibrillator in case of heart failure and small melding tools for light repairs should he be injured in assistance. He also has in storage a large quantity of lollipops for good patients.

Personality: While many might find the idea of a robot having a personality impossible or totally science fiction, BAYMAX does indeed hold a personality of sorts within his programming. The most prominent is that he holds compassion. He cares for his patients and wishes them to get well by any means necessary. It is his primary objective. He is protective of his patients, wishing no harm to come to them and will advise against any activity that holds a high chance of harm, following close should the patient choose to ignore his warnings. He is of course very logical, being a machine built from parts and data, but he holds the capability of learning beyond that. He is able to understand human emotions, due to his knowledge of the human brain and the chemicals that are given off, and is capable to learning some to an extent.

History: BAYMAX was created within Machina Labs, among the few projects outside of genetic modification that was made before the accident. His creation began its process upon the sudden illness of young Lukas Haugen, who had once been a very healthy intelligent child and experiment. His parents and a close friend skilled in robotics where BAYMAX's creators, hoping to create a caretaker for their child as he grew worse and worse. He was near completion when Lukas suddenly awoke from his coma, making many of the other scientist to believe that the robot was a project that could be put on hold. But the boy's parents' friend continued finishing up BAYMAX's programming and the final touches of his exoskeleton just in case.

However, the scientist never got around to giving him his vinyl inflatable skin for a non-threatening huggable design as Lukas continued to seem healthy and was deemed a failed project. Forcing BAYMAX to go into storage until they decided they had need of him. the boy's parents however, felt as if he would be needed and secretly arranged for his relocation to a hidden location somewhere in the residential region. After the incident, the military was quick to retrieve any materials, inventions, and data that could be salvaged. Among the data was the information and original location of BAYMAX. They were eager to get their hands on this robot, and perhaps redesign him to be a weapon, but could not find him.

For five years, BAYMAX kept in waiting within his charging unit to be activated. Until finally, he was. Upon hearing the alert of someone in pain, he was activated and came to assist the homeless person who had been squatting in the empty home within Japan Town. Once sedated and treated, BAYMAX sought out to search for his Primary Patient: Lukas.

Writing Sample: BAYMAX turned his head slight to the side in precise manner, lens-eyes scanning what was in his field of vision. Sensors surrounded objects and processed the data containing what was there, a chair made of wood; an empty cardboard box; traces of rat fluids, before turning his head to look at the next area. After a few minutes of looking about, he concluded that no human life was present within the building at this current time.

However, his patient had been here at one point, dictated by the finger prints left around the door, bookcase, and couch that match with his database of information he had on his missing patient. Further proof was found on the couch by means of hair samples that were also a positive match and a small spot of dried blood that was cause for concern.

Inspecting the spot of blood on the couch further, he began to analyze the dried bodily fluidData suggests that the blood has been dried for over twenty-four hours. And has been mixed with a variety of toxins found in several possible drugs not meant for medical purposes. Diagnosis, Lukas has been substance abusing to get High. The lenses closed briefly, much in the same manner as blinking for living beings, the skinless robot began to leave the building. His patient was not here, he would have to look elsewhere.
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BAYMAX Your Healthcare Companion
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