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 Event ideas

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Lena Thumbe
Lena Thumbe

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PostSubject: Event ideas   Wed Mar 04, 2015 9:10 am

so as we open officially on saturday I wanna start doing events! 

I was thinking we could have a White Day dance, since I gave myself the excuse to inject japanese stuff wherever I want lol xD *shot* but yeah it could be fun especially as we missed out on the opportunity for valentines and all the shippyness that comes with xD

And I was thinking at some point we could have city wide riots incited by a "company" that wants to see what powers people have so they could potentially employ them or try and recreate their abilities, using the chaos to keep the military presense busy while they kidnap people and shiz XD I have actually got quite personal plottyness in this one 

but I also wanna hear your guys ideas? Like what else, should we have a rave where everyone gets fucked up on drrruuuuuugs *hint hint Loki you throw it lol**
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Event ideas
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