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 Lady Ide Tremaine

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Lady Tremaine


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PostSubject: Lady Ide Tremaine   Wed Mar 04, 2015 10:24 am

Full Name: Ide Cummins Tremaine
Alias/s: Lady Tremaine
Age: 61
Powers: High telepathic ability, most often used to plant commends. She refers to it as her "power of suggestion"

Personality: A bitter old woman, she is often harsh, and can be unpredictably cruel, but also has moments of unprecidented kindness. But don't question why she has these moments or you will no get to ask again.

History: Ide was the only child of her young parents when her mother died of an illness. Her father tried his best, but was unprepared to raise the girl alone. As such she grew up poor, but for the most part happy, when her father didn't turn to drink the house was a warm and jolly place. When he did it became dank and dark with the weight of greif over a woman she barely knew. 

In search of a better life they both left on a boat for America, the trip was full of hope and wonder and joy. A new life awaited them on the other side of the ocean, but Ide didn't know what a bitter life it would be. Her father knew that he could never make a life raising a child alone, and so he sold her into marriage. An arangement made before they even left Ireland. What he used the money for or where he went, Ide would never know, for now she was married to the "entrepenuir" , George Tremaine, and did all the duties that were expected of her. She was 12.

In her late 20s, Ide found love in the arms of a young black man. He was strong and sweet and their affair was sweeter still. He knew of her past, of her marriage to Tremaine and how it came to be. They made plans after plans to steal her away from that life and elope, but he was a poor man having trouble finding honest work in the city, and thus it was all talk. When Ide fell pregnant however, it put them on a countdown. Tremaine was over the moon, assuming the baby was his own at last, and Ide played the glowing wife and mother to be. Her sweetheart found a job on a boat, it would take him away from her for 7 months, but would yeild enough money to finally make their plans reality. Though it was dangerously close in terms of time, it felt like their only option. 

Though it had never entered their minds that the child would come early. He came into the world in the wee hours of the morning, small but spirited with skin the most beautiful caramel colour Ide had ever seen. But Tremaine was no fool, mere hours after the childs birth Ide overheard him speaking to his men, instructing them to dispose of the poor babe. And thus she stole away with him, albeit in no condition to do so having just given birth. Knowing that she would be found in the city, and with no money to her name, she wrapped the child in blankets and left him in a wicker basket on the steps of an orphanage, a small note and a picture of his father tucked beside him. Her hands had trembled as she knocked on the door and fled from sight. Breaking her heart, but saving her child.

When she returned, lest her husbands men search for her or the baby, she received the coldest side of her husbands temper. The bruises lasted weeks, and all eyes were on her now. As such she didn't leave the house, and did not know that they had learned oh her sweethearts identity until her husband gleefully told her of his demise. 

Ide did not return for her child, as she promised in the note, nor did she ever leave her husband. Out of fear, or out of becoming numb from heartache, could not be said, but she stayed. She never bore more children, her husband obviously sterile, and she never loved again. She endured his abuse for another 30 years. 

When the disaster hit Machina Labs, she started to feel the growing tug of her abilities. She started small, getting her husbands goons to leave her alone, suggesting to her husband that he isnt in the mood tonight. And then, she suggested he walk straight off the roof of a 10 story building. She made everyone around her beilive it was suicide, that he had been unhinged for months, and then she used her powers to seize control of her husbands empire, commanding loyalty from those who were now her underlings.
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Lady Ide Tremaine
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