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 Lena Thumbe

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Lena Thumbe
Lena Thumbe

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PostSubject: Lena Thumbe   Sat Feb 07, 2015 6:31 pm

Full Name: Alina Fingersmith
Alias/s: Lena Thumbe, Nana
Age: 17
Powers: Superstrength, Superspeed, low level telepathy. 
Personality: Lena: Kindhearted, childish, sheepish during conflict.
Nana:  Harsh, selfish, suspicious, violent.
History: After the tragic passing of her parents when she was 11, Alina was sent to live with her estranged brother, two decades her senior. Alina clung to the only family she now had in the world, and her brother used this to begin a campaign of abuse, culminating in her use as a test subject for his illegal experiments. To further dehumanize her, her brother would refuse to call her by her name after these experiments started, choosing instead to refer to her solely as her subject number. 7. Nana. 

In time his experiments were discovered and Alina was rescued from her brothers clutches. By this point, though, the damage had already been done, his experiments had succeeded to a point, granting Alina special abilities, far beyond the natural ability of a normal teenage girl. They had also induced a fracture in her mental state. Sometimes she was Alina, a sweet and carefree seventeen year old girl, at others she was Nana, bitter and angry and very aware of the powers now in her possession. 

After extensive psychiatric evaluation, Aline was deemed safe enough so long as she was kept away from triggering environments. As such she was entered into witness protection, given a new identity, and sent to Tawton City, where she could be dealt with if necessary.
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Lena Thumbe
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