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 Jane Rosalyn Porter

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Jane Porter

Jane Porter

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PostSubject: Jane Rosalyn Porter   Fri Mar 06, 2015 9:42 pm

Full Name: Jane Rosalyn Porter
Alias/s: None
Age: 26
Powers: Pyrokinesis 
Personality: Jane is calm and balanced person. She loves reading. World of fiction allows her to forget about real world. Jane's also very sensitive and empathic. Perfectionism is also one of her traits. 
History: Jane is an only child. She had a happy childhood. She learned very well. When Jane was 25 years, she graduated university and became a teacher of history in high school. A month after the start of work, the inhabitants of the Tawton City started getting supernatural abilities - Jane also. Since then, she is more restrained. Her goal is to find someone with similar power.
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Jane Rosalyn Porter
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