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 Lilo Howcroft

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Lilo Howcroft


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PostSubject: Lilo Howcroft   Sat Mar 07, 2015 8:27 pm

Full Name: Lilo Howcroft

Alias: Munchkin

Age: 5

Powers: Lilo possesses the ability to see and act as a medium towards spirits of the dead. She also holds within her the power of Hoodoo, possessing magic that can channel through talisman to work with her intent from good health to good luck to bad luck. However doing so takes out energy from her and leaves her very tired. Though she will only grow more powerful as she gets older.

Personality: Lilo is a sweet child with an active imagination and playful nature. Like any her age, she loves to play and run around, seeking out others to play with her as well. Very friendly, she doesn’t hold the greatest sense of ‘stranger danger’, though she knows to not talk much with the people that come to see her Daddy for a ‘fix’. Like any other child, she has a large sense of curiosity, seeking answers to the world and asking questions to anyone who will listen. She’s a bit sensitive, getting hurt easily when faced with rejection or humiliation. Though that hurt turns quickly into anger as she has a bit of a temper issue, though what five-year old doesn’t? She’s Daddy’s little girl, adoring the man who raised her and can be a bit clingy whenever he is able to spend time with her.

History: Lilo never knew life before the incident at Machina Labs. Because she had been born on the very day it happened. Which was how her gifts were not noticed right away. She was born into a single parent family, her parents had never been romantically involved and her mother wanted nothing to do with her. Her father loved her though, from the moment he laid eyes on her. And though he was known to be a cold man towards most everyone else, and perhaps not even the most affectionate when others were looking, he had a special fondness in his heart for his only known family.

But her father’s work kept him busy and in the days of her infancy he relied on the care of a nursemaid hired and trusted by his employer who approached him with work a few days after she had been born. During her early development, a majority of Lilo’s time was with the nursemaid, who was kind and took good care of her. But there was never any holding back for the little girl when her father would come for her. 

Her abilities began to manifest, though others did not realize it, when she was only a few months old. Lilo gurgled baby talk to seemingly nothing, reaching out to thin air and giggling as her grasped at emptiness. As she learned to talk, she would be seen practicing her new found words with empty space, seeming to play with something though nothing as there. At first it was chopped off as imaginary friends, created by her young mind, but as she reached age three, they realized it was something else. Lilo’s eyes had began to glow and a different voice spoke out, garbled at first before becoming coherent. A message for a long since dead person, wishing to find peace.

Eventually the spirit left her body, but more moments like that occurred as she grew. Most asked permission, wishing to express their wishes as she probably would’t say it right. But with the work of the nursemaid and her father, her speech improved so that she could inform someone should a ghost had a request to perform. Her discovery of Hoodoo came in the form of an ghost of a hoodoo practicer who sense the power in her and instructed her how to make talisman and put her power in them. The first one she made was for her Daddy for protection.

Writing Sample: Lilo hummed happily to herself as she colored at the table, small baby-chub legs swinging back and forth in rhythm to her tune. The crayon moved against the page with practiced ease, creating lines and shapes as she drew her figure. The color she was using was black, using it for the majority of the figure of her drawing before putting it down and grabbing a purple crayon. 

Brows knitted as a pink tongue poked out the side of her mouth as she concentrated, adding the purple accents just right before she grabbed the brown for the head and hands. Then she grabbed the green crayon, making two green dots on the face before grabbing black again to make a smile. With a grin, she admired her work before moving to the blank spot beside the figure.

She grabbed a red crayon this time, making a small little rectangle shape and coloring it in mostly. She kept some parts white, or tried to anyways, before she grabbed the brown to make another head and hands. One hand she had reaching to out to grab the hand of the taller figure. Then she grabbed the black and made long hair on the head before making two eyes and a smile. “Done!” she said proudly, looking it over before picking it up. Flipping it to show next to her, she tilted her head to the side. “Do you think he’ll like it?” she asked.

To anyone looking into the room, they would have thought the girl was talking to nothing, as the chair next to hers was empty. However there was a presence there, one only the young child could see with her chocolate eyes. Before her was the sorta see-through spirit of an old man who used to be her neighbor. He had always been nice and gave her candy before he had died. The spirit looked over the picture before giving a soft smile and a nod of his head. Smile growing larger, Lilo beamed at the confirmation before flying out of her chair to go seek out her Daddy. She couldn’t wait to show him the picture she drew of them.
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Lilo Howcroft
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