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 Machina Industries: Established Facts

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Lena Thumbe

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PostSubject: Machina Industries: Established Facts   Thu Mar 12, 2015 12:19 am

  • Formed in 1899 by Hamada Tadashi in the blossoming cusp of Japan's industrial revolution.
  • Began as manufacturing farm equipment and other necessities. But began research into weapons and energy during WWI, and restarted that research much more zealously during WWII. 
  • In 1948 then CEO Hamada Hiro met with an American buisnessman, Alistair Krei,  to discuss the potential for expansion into America for mutual benefit of themselves and American-Japanese relations.
  • In 1951 Machina Industries opened it's USA base of operations in Tawton City, under the partnership of Hamada Hiro and Alistair Krei.
  • Over the years, Machina Industries had branched out into every area of science imaginable.
  • In 2010 a fatal design flaw in an experimental particle accelerator lead to an explosion that bathed the city in gamma radiation, leading to the deaths of many employees and the powers being experienced by residence of Tawton.
  • Machina Industries plummeted in the stock market after the incident and has since declared bankruptcy, its name mud in both American and Japanese circles.
  • When the radiation levels of the original explosion faded to almost nothing with unusual swiftness, the Military began using it as a base of operations while the situation in Tawton is monitored.

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Machina Industries: Established Facts
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