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 Crysta Fae

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Crysta Fae

Crysta Fae

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PostSubject: Crysta Fae   Sun Feb 08, 2015 3:16 am

Full Name: Crysta Alexandria Fae

Alias/s: Crysta

Age: 19 years old

Powers: Causes Death by a touch, Mutated Wings on her back upon the accident occurring.

Personality: Before the accident, she was bubbly, perky, hopeful, and a bit naive about reality. After, she turned quiet, outcasted herself, and had a hard time seeing the positives in this corrupted life of hers.

History: Abandoned at a younger age in Tawton City, she did everything she could to see the light in people. She often succeeded, even when the world took a turn for the worst.
When she grew to be a suitable working age, she found work with a young women called Riley, no doubt only a couple years older than herself, and they became fast friends. But platonic love turned into something more for Crysta, while Riley still thought the same, so Crysta kept herself quiet.
When the incident occurred, caused by the stupidity of Machina Industries' experiments, most of the city's population was affected. 
Crysta was included in this. 
Overnight, her back mutated and formed her a set of small wings, and her other ability was not yet noticed by Crysta. So, when Crysta went to see if Riley was okay because of what had seemingly happened overnight, a single touch upon Riley's face was enough to send the world crumbling around her. Riley struggled for life, but it was not to last... as it was Crysta's dark power that ended her.

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Crysta Fae
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