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 Joseph Korso

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Joseph Korso


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PostSubject: Joseph Korso   Sun Mar 15, 2015 12:02 am

Full Name
Joseph Korso

The Basilisk; Due to the poisonous nature of the legendary creature and his new powers.


Secretion; Joseph can create any substance in his body through metabolism, secreting that substance through pores in his skin in either liquid or gaseous form. These substances can have different effects depending on his level of focus. For example he can create; alkaline poisons to paralyse through skin contact; highly concentrated acids that can do damage in varying degrees from burning someone’s skin to melting the strongest metals; poisonous gases that can throw off someone’s sense of balance or make them fall unconscious. However, if his concentration is off by even a small fraction then the consistency of the substance he is trying to produce might end up being so strong that it could kill his target rather than stun them, or so weak that it could do no harm at all. It's a fine balance that, even after 5 years, he's still trying to perfect.

Growing up with his parents he was always happy and looking for adventure, but once they died he became more introverted. He mostly kept to himself, spending most of his time immersed in a book rather than playing with other children. He truly cares for only a few people, knowing how hard it was when his parents died. He vowed to never feel that kind of pain again, which is why he protects those he considers family with his life. He's a hard-worker and thanks to his military training he is disciplined and organised. He's also intuitive and is able to stay calm in a life-threatening situation. He'll help anyone he sees as being treated unjustly and hates those who are selfish and cruel to others.

Joseph grew up in an orphanage in Tawton City after his parents died in an accident when he was 8 years old. He stayed there until he was 18, only ever making one notable friend. A boy a few years younger than him, a boy he only ever knew by the name Sinbad.
When he left the orphanage he joined the army, just like his father had when he was 18. When he was 25 he was sent on a mission to another country with his commanding officer. He was part of a small team of soldiers whose mission was to deal with a group of radicals who violently opposed his government being on their land. It was during this mission that he met a young woman who was one of the leaders of the radical group. Her name was Helga Sinclair and she was captured and interrogated for days. As his commanding officer tortured her without getting any useful information, he realised that something was wrong with the whole situation. He saved her life and returned her home, consequently being dishonourably discharged from the army.
He returned to Tawton City at 26 with no real job skills, he was left poor and homeless, stealing from those who already had more than enough to survive. After a few months he was able to get a job at a club in the city called MYTH. It was a seedy club and the only thing they asked of him was to work hard and keep his mouth shut. He cleaned up after the clientèle but was treated poorly by both customers and staff. It disgusted him that he risked his life in the army to keep people like them safe.
A few weeks before the accident he was reunited with Helga, who had been looking for him for months. She told him that she owed him her life and she planned to repay that debt, no matter how long it took. He was reluctant at first, feeling like there was no need for her to pay him back for doing what he thought was right. But she insisted and he eventually gave in, letting her stay with him in the small down-town apartment he had bought for himself with his first pay-check.
Even after he left the army, Joseph never had a serious relationship. He slept with people every now and then when he needed to release some tension, but he was always gone by the morning. This continued even after Helga returned to his life, despite her attempts at standing guard outside the door as a way to protect him if something bad happened.
After the accident occurred Joseph was working in the club one night and as usual he was being berated by the regulars. As his anger took hold he grabbed hold of a nearby beer bottle to try and calm himself down, only to see that once he was calm, the bottle had melted into a pool on the empty table in front of him and the skin on his hand was covered in a foul smelling liquid.
Only when news spread of the accident and other people who had found themselves with strange powers came forward, did he realise the extent of his new-found strength. And with this knowledge he decided to take over the club, killing the owner of the club, cleansing the city of him and the other ungrateful customers who had belittled him since he started working there. He became the new boss and kept others in line with threats. However, having people so scared of you has its downsides and a lot of people were too frightened to even step foot in the club any more. This forced him to go back to his old habits of stealing, which, with his new powers, was easier than ever.
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Joseph Korso
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