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 Helga Sinclair

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Helga Sinclair

Helga Sinclair

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PostSubject: Helga Sinclair   Sun Mar 15, 2015 12:09 am

Full Name
Helga Armida-Electra Sinclair

The Gatekeeper; Due to her guardian resembling Cerberus who guards the gates of hell.


Divided Mind; Her mind split into three, the extra two each gaining their own voice in her head as well as their own physical body which can appear and disappear when they please. One part is her feminine side, which she has been insecure about since her mother died when she was a child. She's never been comfortable being seductive or thought of herself as beautiful, she had always felt more masculine due to the influence of her brothers, they always teased her about it as children which only made her feel more insecure about herself. This side of her has adopted the first part of her middle name, Armida. The second is the part of her that snapped during the torture she had to endure when she was 21, this side of her is cruel and hell-bent on revenge against those who remind her of the soldiers who hurt her. This side of her has adopted the second part of her middle name, Electra. Helga has no control as to when these other sides of her will appear or what actions they'll take when they do. However, after the incident where she realised her second power, they realised that Helga is at the heart of everything they do and though they might not always appear to get along, they've come to an understanding that if Helga is in trouble then they will appear to help her.
Guardian Summoning; Helga can summon a large black dog with three heads. A being that most people who see him think of him as the Cerberus of greek myth, this has caused her to give him the same name. She can summon him on her own in different size forms, however the bigger she summons him the more energy it drains from her, especially when she first started summoning him. He can also be subconsciously summoned by Helga's sense of fear, which is how she first summoned him and realised her new power.

Helga; Before she died, her mother always taught her to be self-reliant and independent, knowing that she couldn't rely on her brothers or her father to protect her forever, lessons which she's always kept close to her. Being part of a family dominated by men, she often feels insecure about her femininity, or lack there of. She acts tough, matching her brother's strength so they don't see her as weak. As part of a large family, she dislikes being alone and feels more useful as part of a large group. She's a born leader and would do anything for a cause she deems good and just. She hates to feel like she's being controlled, especially by those she sees as corrupt.
Armida; She doesn't hold the same insecurities as Helga, making her incredibly confident in herself. She uses this as well as her beauty to get what she wants. The thinking that she can get whatever she wants with a simple flutter of her eyelashes can cause her to be lazy and when she doesn't get what she wants she often acts out like a child.
Electra; She's impatient and often speaks her mind without consequence. Quick to anger, she has a low tolerance for the stupidity of men. She cares deeply for Helga, but would never admit this sentiment as she sees it as her only weakness.

Helga was born in a small country whose leaders traded large sums of money for their natural resources. Trying to defend their country from the greedy and oppressive, her father started a resistance to try and save their country and their people from being used. Her mother died when she was just 5 years old, and in a house filled with 5 older brothers, she had little feminine influence in her life. She trained with her father and became a competent fighter, joining his crusade at the age of 16.
When she was 21 she was captured by foreign soldiers, interrogated and tortured for information about her father and his mission. She thought she was going to die there until a soldier, not much older than herself, saved her life, allowing her to return safely to her family.
Once she had gotten her strength back she talked to her father about trying to track down the man that had saved her as she owed him her life. Her father agreed that he needed to be thanked properly and used his connections to try and find his whereabouts. After a few months they found the city where he lived and, with her fathers permission and despite her brothers protests, she left to find him.
It took a few weeks but she finally found him, Joseph Korso, working in a seedy bar in Tawton City. She was staying in a motel room in the city and they talked there, she told him that she was grateful for what he did to save her and that her life was indebted to his.
Helga was in the city when the accident happened, realising her powers when she woke up to find 2 other versions of herself in her motel room. Thinking she was dreaming she ignored them, until Joseph mentioned he could also see them and that strange things were happening to him too.
By the time Joseph had taken over the club, she had gotten somewhat used to her doppelgängers and the fact that they could come and go from her mind to reality as they pleased. Due to her childhood training, she became the bouncer for the club and a lookout for Joseph when he started stealing again.
While at the club Armida, her more flirtatious side, would come out and men would often be all over her. Helga would see this and get incredibly uncomfortable. She'd never been intimate with anyone before and knowing that her doppelgängers were just her own hidden potential she hadn't quite tapped into yet made her feel uneasy. Men would come up to her thinking she was just as easy as Armida but she'd always knock them back. Unsure how else to act in these situations she'd often call upon Electra, her more volatile side, to help her out when things got too intense for her as Electra had no problems with kicking them to the curb.
While on a job with Joseph things went bad and she was cornered by police, having told him to run while she distracted them. Her other selves were nowhere to be seen and she was starting to think there was nowhere to run. As they closed in she had flashbacks of her kidnapping and her fear got the better of her. When she realised she hadn't been taken yet she looked up to see a giant black dog with 3 heads snarling at the retreating officers. Her doppelgängers came out to see what was going on and the 3 of them were in awe of the creature. It soon disappeared and returned whenever she was in danger. Over time, unlike her doppelgängers, she was able to control the dog she later named Cerberus.
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Helga Sinclair
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