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 (Unknown) Sinbad

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PostSubject: (Unknown) Sinbad   Sun Mar 15, 2015 12:18 am

Full Name

Sinbad; A nickname given to him by his younger sisters, he's held on to it for years as a way of remembering them. He refuses to tell anyone his real name, seeing himself as a vigilante protecting his identity while stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. Other than his siblings only one other person knows his real name.


Electrical Healing; He uses electricity to heal by using electrons to stimulate molecules and accelerate healing, going as far as to start a persons heart like a defibrillator. He is so far unable to use his powers to harm others, only heal them.

He puts up an aloof front and is seen by others as someone without focus who simply lives in the moment. People think he's a bit of a womaniser who only ever teases women, putting his own pleasures before anything else. But the truth is far from it, as in reality he has only ever been with one woman. A woman whose disappearance made him cynical to the idea of true happiness and love. Sinbad is a lot smarter than he looks and is underestimated by others, which he often uses to his advantage. He's analytical and is well-versed in electronics, often taking apart and tinkering with electronic devices growing up. He often hacks into police records and other government computers to try and find his siblings. He takes extreme risks if it means helping others. Without the front he puts up he can be awkward around other people, like when he would start fights as a child because he didn't know how to properly interact with others and make friends. After his mother's death and his siblings were taken away he never felt like he could do anything right, which is why he puts up a front in the first place, if no one knows the real him then they can't be disappointed. The only thing that's kept him close to happy is when he remembers how much his sisters looked up to him when they were growing up, which is why he has held on to the Sinbad façade for so long.

He grew up in a poor home, his father was gone and his mother had been sick ever since the birth of his youngest sibling. They couldn't afford healthcare, they could barely afford to stay living in their home, so he took it upon himself to keep his mother and 2 younger sisters fed and clothed. He stole food and money to keep them going and would often joke with his sisters, telling them that he was Robin Hood. His sisters disagreed, taking it more seriously than him, and gave him the nickname Sinbad, telling him that he couldn't be Robin Hood as there was already 1 Robin Hood in the world. Unfortunately the things he stole weren't enough to keep them going and his mother died when he was 5 years old. He and his siblings were separated and he was sent to an orphanage in the city.
He was teased and bullied by the other kids as he was always insisting that pirates and thieves could be good people too, knowing that even though he broke the law by stealing that he was doing it for a good cause and his sisters looked up to him because of it. One day he got into a fight with some other kids but was saved by an older boy, Joseph Korso, who plucked him from the group by his collar and caused the other boys to run away with a simple stare. They became friends and he looked up to him like an older brother, he shared everything with him and felt completely abandoned when Joseph left the orphanage. He started to resent him just like he resented his father for leaving him alone.
When he left at the age of 18, he had nowhere to go. He searched Tawton City for any signs that his siblings were there, but he soon realised that even if he did see them that he'd never recognise them now. Instead he decided to spend his time helping the poor, taking from those who had more than they needed in a way to protect those who needed help, the same way he used to protect his family.
A few months before the accident he fell in love with a woman, she was the first person in a long time to see through his mask. He was completely devoted to her throughout their relationship, even revealing to her his true name. He was devastated when she disappeared with no explanation or reason why she had left. He didn't see her again after that and it wasn't long before the façade he had abandoned for her was back up.
When the accident happened he felt no change. A few weeks later he found out that Joseph was back in town, his reappearance in his life was a welcome distraction to his heartbreak and he wasted no time in confronting him. He found Korso trying to steal from the same place as him, but didn't make himself known right away and left just before the police surrounded the place. He spent all night trying to find out where he was staying, following rumours to the club he was in charge of. He wanted to know what he was doing back in town and how long he'd been there, annoyed that he was back at all without once coming to find him. He broke into the club in the early hours of the morning only to find an injured Joseph laying on a desk in the back office with a strange woman by his side. His resentment took a back-seat to the fear that his old friend was going to die and at that moment a surge of electricity shot across the room and through Joseph's body, accelerating the healing process and saving his life. Not being able to understand what had just happened he disappeared without getting the answers he had set out for.
As the years passed by he avoided Korso as best he could, but continued to bump into him every now and again while out stealing. Eventually he was convinced to talk to him after being confronted by the mysterious woman he had met in his office. Korso apologised for leaving the way he did when he was a kid and for not trying to find him when he returned, explaining everything that had happened since he left the orphanage. Sinbad decided to accept his apology and joined Korso and the woman he now knew as Helga in stealing, also becoming a bartender, and occasionally a book-keeper, for the club.
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(Unknown) Sinbad
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