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 Polly, Belle, and Kayley Smith

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Polly Smith


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PostSubject: Polly, Belle, and Kayley Smith   Tue Feb 10, 2015 1:58 am

Name: Polly Smith
Alias: None
Age: 20
Power: Can read people's minds
Personality: Polly is the oldest of the three sisters, and with their parents gone, she's decided to step up and take charge.  She acts motherly, but can be strict too.  She has a soft spot for younger children.  She's kind and considerate, but has a hard time asking help from strangers.
Past: The three sisters grew up pretty normally.  They had loving parents and a good childhood.  However, when the inhabitants of Tawton City started getting super powers, everything started going crazy.  The family managed to keep themselves together, along with their new powers.  However, a good number of people have decided to turn to crime with their newfound powers, and it was those kinds of criminals that ended up killing the sisters' parents.  That was a year ago.  Now, they stick together and rather than try to be a superhero or something, they try to stay out of the chaos and keep their parents' book shop running.  Polly takes care of a majority of the business while knitting some things every now and then to bring in some extra cash.  Belle helps out as well while she attends a university.  Kayley helps out when she can, but she's still in high school, so there's not a whole lot she can do.

Name: Belle Smith
Alias: None
Age: 19
Power: Can make inanimate objects come to life
Personality: Belle is a nerd, to say the least.  She loves reading anything she can get her hands on.  She's pretty smart too, which helped her earn a scholarship to the city's university.  She can be scatter-brained though, and gets distracted easily if she's doing something boring.  She's very particular about her belongings and doesn't like other people touching them.  She tries to make people smile whenever she can.
Past: Same as Polly's

Name: Kayley Smith
Alias: None
Age: 16
Power: Can control the weather
Personality: Kayley is the most stubborn of the sisters.  She can argue with somebody for hours if she has the time.  She speaks her mind and can be too curious for her own good.  She's very opinionated and head-strong, and usually only Polly, or sometimes Belle, can get her to calm down.  Her power is the most difficult to control, so if she gets mad, expect a strong wind to start blowing or some rain to start falling.  She believes she can also create things like hurricanes or tornadoes, but hasn't dared try it, for fear of the damage she would cause.

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Polly, Belle, and Kayley Smith
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