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 Interesting Stuff You Got There (Tag: Sinbad)

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Polly Smith

Polly Smith

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PostSubject: Interesting Stuff You Got There (Tag: Sinbad)   Wed Mar 25, 2015 4:40 pm

Polly leaned against the counter, fingers drumming against the wood.  Today had been mildly successful.  Most of the people that had come in today had been a bit indecisive about what they wanted.  Lucky for Polly, reading their minds turned out to be useful, and she had managed to suggest books that had been pretty close to what they were looking for.  And if she hadn't hit the mark, the customers had at least promised to come back.  And they had meant it.  Reading minds could be pretty handy for business sometimes.  At the moment though, it was quiet, with only a person or two inside the store.
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Interesting Stuff You Got There (Tag: Sinbad)
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