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 {Loki} Lukas Haugen

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PostSubject: {Loki} Lukas Haugen   Sun Feb 15, 2015 10:06 pm

Full Name: Lukas Haugen
Alias/s: ‘‘Loki’’ ║ Trickster ║ Silver-Tongue
Age: 16
Powers: “Power Absorption” – The ability to copy, ‘borrow’ or ‘steal’ others powers/qualities. This ability can evolve and vary a bit, but always with some sort of down/side-effect on him.  
He can only ‘copy’ ones powers when in the same room as the user. 
When he ‘borrows’ a power, he can use it for a period of time (for how long depending on how strong the power or the effect it may have on him) even when not close by to the user. This dosne't affect the usr of the abiliets he borrow, they might only feel a little dizzy or disorientated the moment Loki borrows it. 
When stealing a power, the original user loses their ability while Loki keeps it permanently, but in exchange losing a part of his life-span.
Another part of his powers can only be used when on the brink of death or mortally wounded, and can then instead exchange his and someone else life-force. Meaning, giving him the other person's strength & health, while leaving them with his injuries and weak condition instead.
Personality: Mischievous, mysterious, quirky and unpredictable. It’s near impossible to keep track of this young trickster, never knowing where he’d pop up next or what kind of trouble he’ll drag along with him. Most people would think and see him as a spoiled brat who likes putting his nose where it doesn’t belong too much, or a highly intelligent kid desperate for attention. He's blunt and witty, and has the bad habit of offending people wherever he goes (even when he doesn’t mean to). The word 'shame' apparently doesn’t exist in his dictionary. Most of the time he’s seen with either a blank expression or an all knowing smirk, calm and relaxed, hiding his typical playful side and the fact that he’s magnet for trouble behind a cunning mask. A talented actor, somewhat crazy, and holds a big scary curiosity when something or someone manages to catch his interest.
History: Most things surrounding Loki’s background and life is built around rumors upon rumors, varying depending on who you would ask. The only thing mostly everyone could agree on is that this young boy is nothing but bad news. Whenever something happens, especially the bad things, it’s become common knowledge that Loki would be involved in some way or another, having either a big or smaller role in it.
Yet among all the stories involving the trickster, none of them even seems to hint at the correct one. Years ago, before he had come into the picture, both his parents were two scientists among several others involved and behind the mutation-accidents that would eventually take place. Both being passionate and married to their work, they had agreed on taking their experiments a little further, and testing it out on his mother. Six months later, Lukas Haugen was born. Their goal had been to try and create some sort of ‘evolved’ human being and at first had thought the baby boy to be a success seeing as he so quickly was developed and born, with more than perfect health. Even his mother seemed alright without suffering from some sort of side-effects. Until, that is, a couple of years later. It was quickly discovered the boy was highly intelligent, and also having photographic memory. But much to everyone’s annoyance, he used his gift more to pull pranks and drive everyone around him up the wall. Everyone quickly lost count of how many times he ‘accidently’ ruined something, hacked into their secret files, and escaped the facility. He always calmed down though when his parents, especially his mother, would come back for him. He quickly got nicknamed ‘Loki’, as a loving joke from his parent’s side and dislike of their colleagues.
At the age of 6, his health had started to drop rapidly, and ended up in a coma-like state for weeks. Even when everyone had done everything to keep him in great health, the boy’s body still resulted as nothing but weak and frail. He was underweight, barely grew anymore and had a sad excuse of an immune system. No matter what they did, he remained in a fatally ill state, with everyone at a loss of what to do to save the boy. The experiment was stamped as a ‘Failure’.
Then after months of trying to at least keep him alive, his parents to their shock one day found Loki fully awake playing around in his room, full of energy and looking very much healthy, as if never even had been on the brink of death the day before. But their joy and relief was quickly changed into confusion and horror when they spotted three of their doctors unconscious on the floor, looking very much the same way Loki had been. Barely alive. The boy had just shrugged, innocently browsing through book and said: “I’m just borrowing their health for a little while.”
Weeks passed, the doctors never woke back up, and the boy seemed to be fine again.
More years passed, Loki’s case had almost been forgotten since his parents never exactly had shared what happened that night. The boy had been more neglected and brushed off by years, being a failed experiment and all, but still not allowed to roam around freely. His parents had tried to get him out, wanting to give him some sort normal life but never succeeded.  Until that day the accident broke out, and all hell broke free in Tawton City. Among the chaos, Loki had taken his chance and escaped and wandered around on his own for a good while, slowly getting weaker by the days. That’s how Clopin had found him.

Now, five years after the accident, Loki had since long ago and quite easily made a notorious name for himself along with the well-known mad-man he idolized, and is nothing but damn proud of it. His life before or his family’s whereabouts of no concern nor importance to him…
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{Loki} Lukas Haugen
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